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Community Development

Peoplestown Revitalization Corporation is seeking to develop a healthy and more vibrant community.  The main three ways we are seeking this are listed below.

1. Assessing neighborhood demand for PRC services and establishing an organizational response mechanism.


- Under the philosophy that informed neighbors make better neighborhoods, PRC established the Keeping Neighbors Informed and in Touch (K.N.I.T.) program.  This program seeks to provide current and pertinent information to new residents and encourages residential participation in organizational activities that affect the neighborhood. (Program being reorganized)


2. Facilitating and encouraging consistent, quality delivery of public services by developing methods to identify and communicate problems and track cases through the local government process.


- PRC has established a Crime and Safety committee that consists of Peoplestown residents that serves as an avenue for the residents to have the opportunity to take responsibility for the safety of the neighborhood as well as the chance to interact with the local police on a more intimate level.


- PRC provides administrative support to the Peoplestown Community Redevelopment Board (CRB) whose responsibility is to review and monitor all aspects of community revitalization as they relate to the objective, criteria and controls contained within the Community Redevelopment Plan.

3. Conducting neighborhood activities that promote community unity, pride and revitalization.

For volunteering opportunities, PRC  continues it's Partnership with Morehouse College and The Brisbane Institute, please click on the link below for more information.


 Visit our community news page and let us if you have news to share within the community.     

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